How to Build Solid Relationships

The whole world is about people and how you bond to them. They will never remember what and how you achieved great things but they will always remember how you made them feel. So be sure to make them feel good most of the time and they will capture your heart. Starting near about you, how do you behave with the people encircling you? Let’s dive into this discussion. Read on to find out.

Starting with your own family, how do you react towards them? Are you pissed off or lighthearted? If you are ill-tempered, you have something to work on. You need to cool down and then start talking to your family members. You need to behave well, especially for your children because they are picking up cues from you all the time. You don’t want them to grow up to ill-tempered and non-sensible adults.

After getting out of your home, you will meet the doorman and probably the gardener. Say hello to them cheerfully and smile. Immediately you bond a relationship with them – that also a meaningful and promising one.

When you go to the supermarket, you will probably meet some known or unknown faces. Smile and talk cheerfully, draw up on your credit card and pull the cart away to avoid chaos. If you meet friends there, be sure to strike a lovely, short conversation and be back home or some other place on your agenda.

Wherever you meet people, make eye contact and smile. They will smile back and you will bond together positively.

As for me, I frequently visit confectionery, stationery and pharmacy shops near my home. All the people in there have come to know me. I am always cheerful and have bonded positively with them. So they take care to hand over their best products and never cheat on me. So bonding with the people you see every day has an upside.

I recently visited my aunt who lives a long distance away from our home. Last time I visited her, we struck a lively and jolly conversation. At the end she handed me a big deep blue decorative bag as a gift which I still use today for grocery shopping. Presently when I visited her, I gave her a bangles set bought from U.S and she loved them. All her three daughters are staying abroad and so when I visit her, I fill up some space in her heart and she treats me like her daughter.

There are examples of people like this everywhere in our lives. We just need to know how to connect to them positively. You never know who you will come to need in a time of crisis or danger. So remember to smile at people and bond gracefully and above all, make them feel good in a way they will love and remember you


How to Get a Girl to Text You Back

How many times have you or any other guy you know not have been in this scenario: You are at a friend’s party and meet this gorgeous girl. You talk and dance and enjoy yourselves Before you go your separate ways you exchange phone numbers.

The day after when you wake up, you remember this girl and you want to text her and ask her out on a date. There is only one major problem: As soon as you begin texting her, you can not think about what to write to her or how to write.

Your mind is completely blank and you don’t know what to do, so you start looking on the Internet for texting advice.

Everything you read is not what you really are looking for, it’s either too explicit or too vague and you don’t want to send her any of those suggestions, so what will you do?

Luckily for you, there is a helping hand to grab and hold onto. You find one website that stands out from the rest. You send her one of those texts and after some texting, you agree to go out on a date the following day.

Mission accomplished! Not really because you actually need to text her again the same day that you are going on that date and text her some funny things to make her laugh. She does not respond. What can you do about it?

How to Get a Girl to Text You Back

The whole idea when you send her a text should be to get some kind of response. Girls are different from guys because they are using texting as their main source of communication with their friends and family.

They are texting all the time, so it comes naturally for them to text with you too. You are probably just a friend, at least that is where you are right now but you need to move from text buddy to boyfriend. It is not easy unless you read my text flirting tips below.

There are 3 basic rules to get a girl to text you back:

1. Ask questions. Do not be afraid of asking her questions. Before you begin asking her questions though, you should introduce yourself first. If you want to start your texting slow a nice How are you? will work just fine.

2. Entertain her. Girls get tired a lot earlier than guys, so if you want to ask her out on a date, one of the key elements that will grant you success is that you will stand out from the rest of the competition, which in this case means other guys because if you can make her laugh, that will make her comfortable and she will be more inclined to accept your request. Crack a joke to make her laugh. If you can not think of one when you text her, find one on the Internet.

3. Make her interested in you. Tell her something that happened at the night where you met each other for the first time. If it’s a mutual experience, it’s even better!

There are things you should avoid though when you text her. Don’t be texting her and call her sweetie, honey or some other pet name too early. You will come across as needy and she will run the other way.

Using explicit language is not okay either. Some guys think it is a way of showing her that they are not interested to just be friends. This will make her run the other way too unless you have been intimate already.

Another tip: No pictures of your private parts either or you can end up on a different kind of “date”, the one that includes a lawyer and a judge.

Ambiguous language is fine after a while. I recommend that you wait for a while, at least until you have made it clear that you are not interested in her as a friend and also so you do not seem to eager or a complete jerk.

Mixing some more serious questions and adding some humor too works wonders. You should strive for being perceived as trustworthy and serious yet with a great sense of humor in order to get her out on a date.

Another thing as you might have noticed when you read through this article: I do not use any abbreviations at all and I am very keen on using proper English grammar. The same applies to texting. Do make use of your knowledge of English grammar and avoid contractions too.

Patience is key but if you don’t take action, she will get tired of you and you will become reduced to her “text buddy”. Acting to “cool” can also be devastating.

I have saved the best advice to the end and it consists of two words only: Be yourself. You have to be genuine and you have to find your texting style and do not be afraid of revealing a bit about yourself in the texting conversations.

Text Message Flirting Ideas

Being flirty is one of the keys to getting her to text you back and here I have listed 5 flirting ideas that you can use for text flirting:

1. I had a dream of you last night.

2. You are so hot, I get a tan every time I look at you.

3. I just saw the neighborhood play and thought of you.

4. I love how soft your lips are, I can not wait to kiss them again.

5. I’m so bored! Wanna go on an adventure?

What to Text a Girl You Like

I will finish this article with three examples that you can use to text a girl you like:

1. I hope you are smiling. If not just think of me!

2. You looked so cute the last time I saw you that I forgot my pickup line.

3. Something about you seems to make me smile.

For more advice on texting, I recommend that you read this blog. There you will also have the opportunity of signing up to my newsletter where I will share a lot more advice on what to text her and share more examples with you.



Signs Of A Marriage That Is Breaking Down

There seems to be a perception in some people that for many marriages, it is one catastrophic event that ends things. People assume that it is things like adultery, a job loss, or money struggles that doom your marriage. While these things do sometimes happen, it is just as common for a marriage to break down a little over time until it finally just crumbles. In fact, many of the people who reach out to me admit that they knew that their marriage was deteriorating over time, but they hoped that it would blow over. In my experience and observation, this breaking down and deteriorating is actually more common than the abrupt divorce that left no warning. Knowing this, the following article will list some of the common signs of a marriage that is breaking down. The hope is that if you recognize your own marriage in any of these scenarios, you will try to change course before things deteriorate even further. I know from experience that it can be easy to just hope or assume that things will normalize on their own. However, sometimes they get worse. I ended up separated because I didn’t take action. This process was very painful, so it’s always better to avoid that if you can.

The Investment Does Not Feel As Deep. You Have Little Idea About What Is Going On With Your Spouse’s Life And Feelings: Let me get this out of the way. When you have married for a while, it’s normal to not be in your spouse’s business 24/7. After all, most of us have jobs and responsibilities. Some of us have kids or parents that we care for. It’s normal to not be connected at the hip in the way that you were when you were first dating. But if you look around and realize that you’re sharing your concerns and deepest issues with your friends and not your spouse or vice verse, then this can be a problem. Another example is when sometimes something comes out of your spouse’s mouth and you are shocked – having no idea that he had this issue or this reaction. I remember that at the start of my husband and I going through a very rocky period (and eventual separation) we were watching a movie together. We had completely different but strong reactions to the movie and the characters in it. At that point, I remembered thinking that it felt as if I didn’t know my spouse very much anymore. I definitely should have been more concerned about this than I was. Anytime you feel that disconnect and prefer other people’s company to your spouse, that’s a reason for concern.

The Same Issues Come Up Over And Over With More Frustration Behind Them: When you are deeply connected with your spouse and the two of you are emotionally invested in one another, issues are easier to solve. It’s easier to see the best of your spouse and of the situation. So conflict is typically easily solved. On the flip side, when you are not deeply connected with your spouse, things which would not typically bother you are now major issues. They come up over and over again because they never really get solved. And as they come up, the resentment and anger toward them festers because again, you’re not connected enough to give your spouse the benefit of the doubt.

The Physical Side Of Your Relationship Is Luke Warm At Best: It’s normal for the passionate side of your relationship to wane somewhat in time. However, you should be able to pick it back up when you can swing it and have it feel like the passion and the attraction are still there. If you feel distaste or a general and reoccurring lack of interest, that’s a problem. If you have no interest in making time for that type of connection, you really should pay attention. Honestly, sex does not make a marriage. The emotional connection and the sharing of your lives make the marriage. But sex can be a symptom of a marriage that isn’t working correctly. And it is also a very effective way to regularly feel close to and connect with your spouse. It’s really no wonder that people who are having an affair are sometimes fooled into thinking that they are in love with the other person even when the relationship is very new and has never been tested. The sexual component can be an important part of the relationship at times and can make the people in it feel very connected or “in love.”

When You Try To Address The Issues, You Feel Misunderstood: Often, people wait a bit too long to address these issues. I know that I did. So when you finally get around to trying to fix things, you might find that your spouse isn’t receptive, is defensive, or generally seems uninterested. This too will tell you that the connection isn’t there.

However, in my experience, it is rarely too late to get back on track if you are willing to notice what is wrong, have the patience to address it, and the ability to work hard. You may find that initially, your spouse doesn’t do much to help you. That’s okay. There are some initial changes that you can make for yourself that can have a very positive effect on your marriage eventually. Sometimes, when your spouse sees that change is possible, he becomes more willing to participate. Sometimes, you have to take small steps without trying to tackle everything all at once.

Sometimes, you have to take small steps without trying to tackle everything all at once. But, if you see any of these signs or just feel deep in your heart that your marriage is breaking down, learn from my mistakes and don’t wait. Don’t just hope that everything will fix itself. The sooner you take action, the better.

Knowing Dating Red Flags

The beginning of a relationship can be exciting and, at the same time, awkward. It’s exciting for obvious reasons: you are spending time with and getting to know someone you find interesting and attractive. It’s awkward, however, because in spite of the extent of their digital footprint, or whether they like to share their innermost feelings with friends on social media, the person you are dating is usually someone you barely know. That, of course, is the point of dating. Dating allows you to get to know someone and to identify whether you are compatible, have mutual interests, and whether you have “chemistry.”

Dating, however, also allows you to identify red flags. Red flags are those things that could potentially have a negative impact on the relationship at some point, or may cause you to end the relationship altogether.

Red flags can fall into one of three categories: Little things, possible deal breakers, and deal-breakers.

Little Things

These are traits, habits, or circumstances that may be mildly annoying or concerning, but which can be overcome by correcting the issue or learning to accept it. These may include things such as phrases a person uses, to eating or bathroom habits.

Possible Deal Breakers

Unlike the little things, possible deal breakers usually relate to standards, expectations or beliefs that may be non-negotiable, and therefore, deal breakers. Examples of possible deal breakers include having differing positions related to political views, religious beliefs, whether to have a family, and/or other issues related to whatever “baggage” each partner brings into the relationship. The baggage a person brings to a relationship may include things such as physical or mental health issues, addictions, employment or financial problems, prior legal history, or prior relationships. Whether any of these issues are problematic will depend on the extent of your knowledge, individual preferences, beliefs, ability, and preparedness to deal with these issues.

Deal Breakers

Some red flags can signal some pretty serious issues and can be signs of bigger problems to come. Early signs of jealousy, possessiveness, mistreatment, anger, mental or physical abuse should never be ignored, nor taken lightly, as they may be just the tip of the iceberg. These should be, without question, absolute deal breakers.

As previously noted, it is important to not ignore any red flags that may be raised at any point in the relationship. Regardless of the type of red flags you may encounter, however, determining whether that red flag is something you can overcome is an individual decision.

Content based on “How To Catch A Man, The Single Ladies’ Guide To Fishing For Love & Romance.” The content is the opinion of the author. This article does not provide medical nor legal advice, and should not be considered as such.


How to Turn an Unhealthy Relationship Into a Healthy Relationship

Falling in love feels like soaring with eagles, but an unhealthy relationship can bring you crashing to the ground. We’ve all been there a time or two. In the beginning, you love each other so much that the whole world glimmers and glows. But this perfection soon gives way to ups and downs, even in a healthy relationship.

Sadly, many couples break up as that romantic high wears off, leaving them with the reality of real love. They let normal relationship issues tear them apart rather than bring them closer together. Obviously, a healthy relationship can’t develop without two people determined to stay together.

There’s no way around the truth: Relationships require work. No two people are alike, and sometimes differences create painful misunderstandings. Moreover, people make mistakes. No matter how good the intentions, both partners in a relationship will mess up from time to time. If you want to turn an unhealthy relationship into a healthy relationship, prepare to face these realities.

The tips below will show you how to rekindle love and turn a bad relationship around; but you don’t have to wait until after a break up. Start early. As soon as relationship issues pop up, tackle them head on. The trick is to fix a broken relationship, before it breaks you.

How to Turn an Unhealthy Relationship Into a Healthy Relationship

1. Stop rehashing the past.

It’s important to discuss the issues in your relationship, but that doesn’t mean bringing up the past in every argument. In order to grow as a couple, especially after a break up or communication break down, you must forgive each other. Of course, forgiveness doesn’t come easily; but you must decide, once and for all, whether to let the past go or let the relationship go.

If you spent any time broken up with your love, you know how hard it is to be apart. So, prepare to move forward. That means, no more trying to make your partner feel guilty about past mistakes. Don’t bring up the past when having a disagreement about the present, and don’t use the past to justify your current feelings or behaviors. There’s no way to turn an unhealthy relationship into a healthy relationship while holding on to old resentments. The festering anger and constant rehashing the past will lead to bitterness, bad arguments, and a dismal future. Don’t let the past ruin your future. You can create new, better memories together; but only if both partners willingly forgive the past.

2. Deal with the real relationship issues.

Forgiving the past does not mean ignoring relationship issues. Unhealthy relationships often come from inattention to underlying problems. In the past, you may have argued over everything without really fixing anything. Or you may have dealt with the symptoms of relationship issues rather than digging up the root cause.

For example, if everything blew up after one of you was unfaithful, the focus may land squarely on that single act of betrayal. Cheating is horrible and inexcusable, but there is almost always a problem beneath the surface. Were you feeling vengeful, unfulfilled, or insecure? Did your partner feel ignored, unloved, or neglected? Had your relationship become too mundane or boring? Did you miscommunicate your desires? Is your partner not ready for total commitment? Sometimes it is difficult for couples to discover all the underlying issues, so don’t hesitate to bring in a neutral third party. That might mean going to couples counseling or using online relationship repair sources.

Once you understand the root cause, you can clearly see if it is fixable. If so, develop a solid plan to prevent break up and breakdown of your love. Make sure you both agree on this solution, since it takes two committed partners to turn an unhealthy relationship into a healthy one.

3. Give your all. Don’t hold back.

Some couples feel insecure when rekindling love after break up or breakdown. It’s tempting to hold back, just in case things go wrong again. But this approach sets you up for failure. Try to find comfort in the fact that your partner chose to work things out with you, even though it might be easier to give up on the unhealthy relationship.

Many couples just break up rather than fix a broken relationship. Instead you’re working to build a healthy relationship. That makes your love special. Use this knowledge to bolster feelings of security, so you can give your all in the relationship.

Don’t hold back out of fear or distrust. Don’t put your love on probation while you wait for something else to go wrong. Set your mind on healing the relationship rift, loving each other more completely, and creating happy memories together. You wouldn’t take time to read about how to turn an unhealthy relationship into a healthy relationship if you didn’t love your mate enough to try.

When relationship issues arise (and they will), remember that it takes more work to stay in love than to fall in love. Also, remember that it is worth it. True love lasts because two people refuse to give up on a love that’s worth fighting for. Best wishes and a happier relationship to you!


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